B2B Services adapted to suit your specific requirements

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The services provided by Cliveden Consulting can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

They are not individual courses but a list of disciplines that can be adjusted, merged and re-designed according to the greatest business need.

There is no strict sequence for the services offered - they are all shown in the order that they are most requested;


Lead Creation & Business Referrals

sloganObtaining qualified appointments with primary authorities
sloganProviding detailed senior contact data for nominated target accounts
sloganCleansing & updating of existing suspect/prospect lists
Fee: £30/hour

New Business Acquisition

sloganStructured approach to new business canvassing
sloganTargeting by business vertical/company type/authorised individual
sloganIntelligence gathering & pipeline creation
Fee: £400/day

Key Account Management

sloganRelationship control within existing accounts
sloganPlanning and development for future revenues
sloganPreserving and protecting the client base from competition
Fee: £400/day

Professional Commercial Development

sloganOrganising tactical initiatives to win major contracts
sloganOptimising available resources to gain customer recognition
sloganUnderstanding procurement procedures and avoiding their pitfalls
Fee: £400/day

Enhanced Communications Skills

sloganEstablishing the importance of listening before telling when negotiating
sloganMaintaining directional control in conversation - defining the desired outcome
sloganCreating the right impression with an unknown prospective buyer
Fee: £400/day

Marketing Campaign Planning

sloganSpecifying the market to canvass that best suits your service
sloganSelecting the most appropriate target accounts to approach
sloganDefining a compelling value proposition that stimulates interest
Fee: £30/hour