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Cliveden Consulting is a Business Development Service Provider

The following are typical and the most frequently requested project types
Scenario 01
Lead Generation & Business Referrals Programme
Business Referrals Programme photoYou have a particular product or service you need to market. We create a business development briefing with you which defines clearly what your company has to offer, the type of buying organisations that are best suited to it, define an initial list of target accounts to be approached, gain new appointments for you to meet with them and jointly help bring in new orders. By outsourcing the task to us we can prospect on your behalf and direct our efforts to exactly the level of business executive you require – from CEO to company administrator.

The way we do it is by accessing our vast source of company contacts, plus personal networking. This can be done by using your offices as the phone-out base or conducting the work remotely where we are. You may of course already have a database for this purpose – in which case we can use that content instead of ours to fully qualify potential new sources of revenue.

It doesn’t end there. As with most business relationships, once your unique and intimate customer requirements become better known and appreciated, we the supplier can assist you with a broader range of commercial development services as and when required...
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