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Lead Generation


New Business Development


Account Management

Three essential elements required to drive your business forward.
The three activities that business managers need to maintain at high yield.
They are also the three principal services offered by Cliveden Consulting.
Cliveden Consulting routinely obtains new business cases and referrals for companies by locating prospective buyers on their behalf. This is what can be done immediately to help create new revenue sources. Bespoke L&D programmes can later be designed for your staff to strengthen the win potential with their current business cases and improve upon the commercial skills to succeed with new business acquisition. Those involved in managing existing accounts can also benefit by applying well proven and effective tactical initiatives to protect and grow the customer base.

Cliveden Consulting provides all this by having the self assurance gained over three decades in highly competitive b2b technical commercial sales environments.

That’s why we provide our business development services to those that need it. People that are running companies will always want effective new customer engagement activity in place. In order to make this effort work, the business developer that works for you must have the ability to quickly connect by telephone with complete strangers, convey the significance of their commercial offering and ultimately succeed in winning others over with a compelling proposition.